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Mira and her three best guy friends get together for their ritual Thursday night movie fest. Having had crushes on each of them at one time or another while growing up it’s not really a surprise when the drinks start flowing and cloths start to disappear. What started out as just another night ends up becoming a night of ecstasy and fulfilling one of her deepest darkest fantasies. When the sun comes up will they remain friends or will their years of friendship come to an abrupt halt?

Author Bio:

Hi My favorite past times are reading, watching anime, listening to songs really loudly, wrestling with my boys, and daydreaming which I strongly advocate for everyone. I always liked telling stories while growing up so when I decided to sit down and write a short story I found I really liked writing. I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did please leave me some feedback at the site where you found it!


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First three are the free ebooks Cammie's Adventure 1: Cammie's Adventure 2: Cammie's Adventure 3

The book that came out last week Fulfilling Anna's Needs: (Fulfilling Anna's Needs I charge $.99)

Mira Plus Three link:

Blurb for the Three Novellas

Cammie's Adventure 1 Blurb

Having the worst day ever Cammie decides a fresh start on life is in order beginning with a wild night out on the town. Just when she was about to give up hope on improving her night she meets the perfect stranger, but once she has experienced this first overwhelmingly passionate night will she be able to stop at just one night, one new experience?

Cammie's Adventure 2 Blurb

Cammie and her two new friends/coworkers decide to hit the country dance scene for their weekend fun. Out dancing and having a good time she sees a tall cowboy that sets her blood on fire. She attempts to ask for a dance but is a little too late. When the hunky cowboys’ friend offers to dance she agrees. Finding her dance partner charming she invites him to visit with the rest of her group. While chatting with the new friend the hunky cowboy from before joins the group. Taking her second chance she grabs the bull by the horns as the saying goes and wrangles the hunky cowboy for a dance. As the night goes on the hunky cowboy offers to teach her how to ride. How can a girl refuse such a tempting offer? She agrees and is in for a long night.

Cammie's Adventure 3 Blurb

Amber talks Cammie into try out a new club with her, and Cammie is in for a big surprise. Not only is the club Amber is taking her to a SEX club, but Amber has some plans for Cammie of her own for this wild night. Will Cammie give in to her pleasure and willingly have a threesome or will her new friendship come to an abrupt halt?

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Teaser Tuesday .... !!!

Today I am doing a little teaser of the beginning of a novella that I am working as a side project when I get blocked or frustrated with the Bloodlines Series, lol .

The working title is Twin Souls, but I already know I'm going to change this as I get further in to the story and at the rate I'm going hopefully it will be for sale on Amazon by Fall!

* * *

Elmer held the bright ball in his hands and smiled. He peered closely to see the two small glowing lights inside of the larger white orb. One was pink and one was blue.

"This has to be the finest couple I've created since ... possibly Mary and Joseph!"

Lizzette, the overseer, floated by him and frowned.

"Now Elmer, it isn't the angel way to be boastful and proud. We don't make twin souls to brag. We make them so that all the babies born on Earth grown up and find their mate so they can be happy the way God wants."

Elmer immediately looked chagrin and softly placed his orb on a cloud.

"I wonder who they will be, though. Look how bright the lights are. They are going to love each other very much. And look at how they matured at the same time. That’s rare that they will be the exact same age. I wish I could see."

"Elmer, that isn't our purpose. The guardians watch over them after they're born. We give them souls. And it's forbidden to follow them," she looked at him sternly as if she knew what he was planning.

"Oh, I know Lizzie. I'm just talking."

Lizzette sighed and started to float away, "Get back to work Elmer. And never call me Lizzie again."

Elmer looked wistfully at the orb again just as a small light started to blink next to his station. He smiled widely and gently picked up the twin souls.

"It's time for you two to be born now. It will be confusing and wonderful at the same time. Then one day you won't be babies anymore and you will find each other."

Elmer had always been a romantic at heart was so grateful when he received his twin soul assignment. He looked around from the corners of his eyes and guiltily tucked the orb under his wing.

No one will know if I hand deliver these souls myself. It can be done so quickly, he tried to convince himself.

When he saw Lizzette floating in the opposite direction with her back turned he decided that it was his chance.

He stealthily flew straight down through the clouds until he reached the Barrier, the thin layer of atmosphere that separated the Earth from the Heavens that couldn't be seen by mortal eyes. He could feel the orb growing warmer next to his side. They usually knew when they were getting closer to their new bodies. Usually the souls split upon reaching the mortal plane and they are born within a few hours or days of each other. The special couples are born at the same time and usually in the same place but most couples are born apart and had the mission of finding each other as they grew older.


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Five Minute Friday : Today's Prompt : BEAUTIFUL

START (using my cell phone's timer)

I can hear her laughter from the other room. My beautiful daughter. My little princess that I never thought I would have. She's laughing with her brother. I'm sometimes amazed at how close they are. Him, at twelve, a budding adolescent on the verge of teen hood; and she is, at age two just getting to know this world. I remember thinking years ago that I wasn't worthy of having a daughter in my life. I somehow felt that I had failed so badly at being a woman that God didn't trust me with raising another one. I had my two amazing son's that I love with all my heart but what woman doesn't want a little mini her? Outwardly I gave up on my desire for a little girl, but my closest friends knew I still wanted one.

Then it happened. I discovered I was pregnant much to my unplanned chagrin. I worried how the boys would react since she has a different father. I worried about many things. Then 5 months later I was told that my little tenant was a girl and although I still worried, I did it with a dreamy smile. Looking back though I realized that God didn't give her to me because I somehow now "deserved" her, but I was given this little princess to transform me. I have become a new person since she entered my life and she is a shining light in my life and her brothers.

When I think of beauty the only think I can picture in my mind are my children. I may not be the best mother in the world  and the kids may not behave all the time, but my children think I'm awesome and that's all I need to make me smile when my shoulders are heavy.

Aaaaand STOP !


So, what the heck is Five Minute Friday, you ask?

This is a  blog-prompt project from Lisa-Jo Baker. The way it works is you spend five minutes on writing, as unedited as possible on a prompt that she provides just after midnight on Twitter. This is my first one and it was definitely fun and a great exercise for my writing "muscle"

So, spread the word and join up by clicking the button on the bottom!

Today’s Five Minute Friday selection is also here!

Five Minute Friday


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My Winning Entry ...

This is the entry I sent in for the 1000 Likes contest . The judges at Young Writers gave me some GREAT critique and feedback, but I'm going to post the story here raw and un-(re)-edited lol.

(also follow them here on Twitter and Facebook. They share writing tips and prompts, and hold monthly competitions)

 I already know it has a rushed feeling to it. I'm new to short stories so I haven't fine tuned the skill of "Less is More" quite yet but, I'm getting there. I'm confidant the rewrite will be much better and I won't be under a word count contraint either. Okay, no more stalling LOL ....


Saturday Morning.
            I smiled before I even opened my eyes and remembered taking pictures of  Blake Miller at the party the night before. I could still hear his voice, “I hope to see you around, Dominique.”
             I immediately wanted to get to my computer to edit and print the pictures. I ran a hand through my hair and frowned. You would think with such straight hair I wouldn't wake up with a bird nest on my head.
            I started the task of going through the 348 pictures. I had hoped to get a good one of Blake but instead there was an odd smudge around the back of his blond head and shoulders. I sighed and scrolled through more, the smudge was in every picture of him.
            “What the hell,” I whispered aloud.
            It took a moment to realize the smudge was a shadow and actually had a shape. Wings! I thought. It looks like he has wings. I remembered the sensation I felt when he touched me, I could almost feel the burning thirst again. The energy I took from another young man was a mediocre substitution. Without even thinking I printed the pictures out and headed to his house.
            Unsure how to explain my visit; I walked around the house peeking in the windows to buy more time. All of a sudden the front door opened. A pretty woman with long brown hair answered the door. She was slightly on the chubby side but proportionate enough to be curvaceous.
            "Can I help you?” she said hastily.
            "Yes, I'm ... is Blake home?"
            She muttered, “Another girl ...”
            "No, no. We went to school together. I wanted --"
            "He isn't here. Try calling next time."
            She was about to close the door on me when we heard loud noises coming from inside. She sighed and walked away leaving the door open. I wasn't sure what to do so I walked in and found her gently whispering to an upset yet beautiful raven. Its wings were black as oil.
            "I think I’ve upset it," I said backing away.
            "It’s fine,” She looked into its eyes and spoke to me without turning. “Why don’t you come back for dinner? I'm sure Blake won't mind. I'm his cousin, Lyric, by the way.”
            "I'll do that," I said as I left thinking how odd that encounter was.

Saturday Night.

            "Hey, shutterbug!" Blake joked as he opened the door.
            I could see Lyric coming down the stairs pulling her thick curls into a ponytail.
            "Sorry, I didn't even ask your name earlier," she said.
            "It's Dominique." She nodded, smiled and kept walking. We followed her to the kitchen.
            "So, Lyric said you were snooping around earlier"
            "Well, not exactly snooping. More like ..."
            "Snooping?" he laughed.
            I sighed loudly and decided to just pull the pictures out. The sooner they thought I was crazy, the sooner I could just leave and hide in my bedroom until college.
            "These pictures I took of you … at the party. Well, they came out … odd."
            "Its ... well, look," I fanned the pictures out on the table and turned quickly when Lyric gasped.
            "You see it too? The wings?" I said looking back and forth between them.
            Blake shook his head and whispered, “I've been photographed before, though.”
            "Maybe she's special," Lyric said as if I wasn’t there
            "… Or it's something worse ..."
            "No, Blake. I think it's her. Maybe she can help."
            "Hello, maybe she's sitting right here and would like to know what's going on?" I interrupted.
            Blake closed his eyes. "Do you believe in the unbelievable, Dominique?'
            "Like werewolves, zombies or....curses?"
            Did they know about me? I thought.
            "I've had experiences that couldn't rationally be explained, so I guess so."
            "When I was a kid I was cursed. It’s a long story but, since then at sunrise every day I become a raven. Until I take my last breath."
            The air was thick as they waited to see what I would say.
            I looked directly at Blake. "Have you ever heard of a succubus?"
            "Those sexy chicks that seduce and kill dudes?"
            I laughed for the first time. "I don't know about sexy but, close. They feed on energy. Not completely draining the men though, although it is possible. No on has to die, they just wake up feeling hung over."
            "But...what --"
            "When I was 14 I had my first kiss. He ended up in the hospital from it."
            "You're not saying..."
            I nodded slowly.
            "Wow," I heard Lyric whisper.
            "Blake, there is a way I can help you. It's … dangerous though."
            "Go on."
            "I can drain you, in a sense you will be dead," in the corner of my eye I saw Lyric slowly shaking her head.
            "No, listen. The curse said until your last breath right? Essentially, you would be dead, but after that I would be able to put your energy back."
            "You can do that?" Blake asked
            "I've been practicing to control the power. Mostly on tourists. They never remember. I'll leave you dead for a minute or so then revive you. "
            "Lyric, it's been 10 years. I can't do it anymore. Trying something no matter what the risk is better than trying nothing."
            Lyric nodded to me, "I trust you. When can we do this?"
            I got up and gestured to the living room.
            Lyric and I started clearing a spot on the living room floor for him and told him to lie down. I knelt over him and smiled.
            “Don't worry,” I whispered. I put my lips to his and started to siphon the life from him. There was a moment his hand moved to my hair and I felt him returning my kiss before the energy began flowing and his body went rigid as he grabbed onto my shoulder. He had more power in him than I had ever felt before in my experiences; it was intoxicating. I felt his hand drop from my body and through a haze I heard Lyric.
            “Dominique! Stop, He's not moving!”
            I released the death kiss and looked down at his unmoving body. The two minutes seemed to tick by at a turtle pace. Then I kissed him once again; expelling the energy back into him was literally painful, I started to feel weak and dizzy. Blake's eye flew open right before I passed out and I saw they were glowing bright blue.

Sunday Morning.

            Pain. All I felt was pain.
            “So, this is how those guys feel in the morning,” I murmured.
            “She's awake,” Lyric whispered.
            The room was bright and I was still on the floor. I looked towards the front door and saw Blake standing in the doorway with his eyes closed and a smile on his face.
            “The wind is blowing. The sun is so warm. Dominique... thank you,” he opened his eyes to look at me and his tears fell freely.
            I nodded tiredly at him and tried to get up. Lyric helped me to the couch and I closed my eyes.
            “I need a bit more rest,” I mumbled as Blake walked over to me.
            He whispered in my ear, “I'll give you a real kiss when you wake up...”
            I fell asleep smiling.

Inspiration !

As I had stated before in my first post I recently started writing again after a long hiatus of raising kids and general folly of youth.

Lately though I was feeling a bit wavering of my talents. I thought perhaps I'd lost it over the years, but I trudged on. Making sure I try to write everyday  and entering contests even if I was familiar with the genre. 

This morning I awoke to the most satisfying email ever. I entered a short story contest about a month ago (The 1000 Likes Contest I mentioned on Wednesday, May 22, 2013) and I was informed this morning that I had won!

No cash prize, but I don't write for money anyway. I just feel ... validated and inspired in a way that I am finally listening to my heart and soul and doing something I should have been doing long ago, and if it brings money someday then all the better.

But, I write to leave a piece of me behind when I'm gone one day and because the characters in my head insist to be heard ;-) So, if you see me on Amazon I expect purchases to be made... Thank You dear readers :-)


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My New Partner In Crime...

This past weekend I discovered I have a great new writing partner to bounce ideas off of. I discovered he'd been living in my house for the past 15 1/2 years. :-)

This past weekend my oldest son caught the writing bug as he sat down next to me when I was working on my story Cursed. (this was the untitled story I was working on back on May 25, 2013 that has now changed focus entirely. Dominique isn't in it (she wll appear in the sequel) and now Tristan has a twin brother, Ethan)

He loves the plot and started tossing a few random ideas at me. Suddenly, he was pacing around and throwing out character descriptons and scenes... And as any writer knows ... once the pacing and brainstorming starts; S**t has gotten real. :-)

During our 2 hour session together my one story of Cursed has now been outlined to be 3 or 4 books we have entitled the Bloodlines Series. Three new characters and rich backstory were added and possible spin-off books for two of the characters (but that's down the road a bit.)

I am very excited. I wish I could bottle the energy that was flowing in my living room Saturday and sell it. I'd make millions!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prologues and Epilogues? The Alpha and Omega?

I'm currently working on a story that involves reincarnation and I was trying to figure out how to show the past life but focus on the current incarnation without clogging up the novel with weird flashbacks. Luckily I got some great suggestions from the United Critique Front group on Facebook. Then I also ran into this article the same day !

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Writers love writing prologues, epilogues, and flashbacks. Readers hate reading them. If you insist on writing them, make sure you know how, and when, to use them.
 Prologues can be used when the opening scene of your novel:
1.    Occurs long before the main story
2.    Is the ending to your story – making the entire novel a flashback (I may use this one day)
3.    Is written from a viewpoint that is never used again
4.    Is a real document
5.    Is integral to the whole of the story but is not immediately obvious (THIS WAS MY REASON)

Prologues must be powerful. The opening scene and the prologue must be able to stand alone. If your prologue takes anything away from your opening scene leave it out. 
Excerpt taken from Writers Write – How to write a book 

~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm definitely a fan of the Prologue, I always have been since I was a young reader. I don't know why people complain. It gives a great one chapter back story and an epilogue gives a bit a closure and wraps it all up, or sets the scene for a sequel.

What are your thoughts on Prologues and Epilogues, Dear Readers?